Toshiba Is Going To Bulid The World's Largest Hydrogen Plant

Toshiba, the northeastern power and liquefied petroleum gas giant Iwatani Corporation announced on September 29, has begun to study the construction of the world's largest hydrogen plant in Fukushima Prefecture. The move is aimed at the central government and other proposed use of hydrogen energy to achieve the revitalization of the concept of Fukushima disaster specific, for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games and the completion of the Olympic Games.

According to the conception, a hydrogen plant, which will produce fuel equivalent to 10,000 fuel cell vehicles per year, will be built to sell liquid hydrogen to the hydrogen stations inside and outside the prefecture and to regulate the balance of power supply and demand. Specific division of labor, Toshiba production machinery and equipment, Northeast Electric Power to improve the power system, Iwatani industry is responsible for hydrogen storage and transportation.

May be it is time for us -huizhou 3R to build the world's largest ferric chloride plant.