Oil Prices Rebounded Sharply Pulled Up Some Chemical Products

Oil prices rebounded sharply this week, tight supply, TDI, MDI prices pulled up. Will it effect ferric chloride? LANXESS intends to acquire Chemtura, to change the global pattern of additives. Investment, the proposed layout of the season prices continued TDI, MDI and other industries, as well as opportunities for change in the industry, recommend new chemical materials, agricultural concerns plate.

Plate market performance:

Fell 1.11%, weaker than the broader market led the stock, including Lutianhua, British forces, Hechi Chemical, driven up the core of the reasons for rising product prices, equity transfer, performance growth, leading stocks this week, including Amway shares, Dragon Industrial, Honghui new materials, the main factor is the return of valuation, shareholders and so on.

Industry News and Comment:

September 26, the German specialty chemicals company LANXESS announced plans to acquire additive supplier Chemtura (Chemtura), the transaction value of about 2.4 billion euros, the transaction is expected to be in the Completed in mid-2017.

Lanxess itself has plastic, rubber and other aspects of chemical additives business, and Ke poly Asia two pillar business are lubricating oil additives, brominated flame retardant additives. After the acquisition, LANXESS will enhance the competitive edge in lubricant additives, providing customers with the same source of brominated and phosphorus-containing products, creating the industry's largest additive.