JieYang 3R Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd Commenced Construction

On Feb 24th, 2016, JieYang 3R Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd commenced construction. 

The project is located within Jieyang City Jiedong Economic Development Zone, the proposed recycling waste acid 130,000 t / year, waste sludge 10,000 t / year, for the production of water treatment agent series products, including polymeric ferric chloride solution, a solution of ferric sulfate, ferrous chloride and calcium nitrate solution was added. Wastewater generated by the project through the wastewater treatment plant after treatment and after treatment of domestic sewage with septic tanks incorporate municipal sewers and eventually into the city sewage treatment plant Jiedong focus on post discharge.

The project covers an area of 11736.08㎡ total investment is 20 million yuan.The main construction contents include polyethylene plant iron, ferrous chloride plant, warehouse, storage tank area, the production of auxiliary rooms, waste water treatment, power distribution room, building, fire pump and the like.