Iron And Steel, Chemical And Other Industries Green Upgrade

This year, will be carried out in jilin province of haze blue sky, clear water engineering, fertile soil, water source protection project, the new blue sea. Among them, will finish on the iron and steel, chemical and other industries green upgrade, development of green manufacturing, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction.
Recently, the department of environmental protection in jilin province identified to improve environmental quality as the core to carry out the environmental protection work, do a good job in key construction projects in the province environmental protection service work, promote the environmental protection industry fast development in our province, looking for a new economic growth point, to do a good job of environmental protection the international cooperation and propaganda education priority in five aspects, boost development of liaoning revitalize.
The New Year, will continue to promote the ecological province construction, complete the ecological line, combining with the conversion of grassland, farmland is still wet, forest park adopt such measures, restore the natural ecology, speed up the basin ecological environment comprehensive treatment, and increase the nature reserve construction and the protection of rare species, to carry out the ecological functional area compensation, promoting ecological civilization experimental zone created, pays special attention to the mining area ecological environment governance, boost green project; Do the relocation of environmental protection of enterprise, the implementation of comprehensive environmental control in cities, do a good job in the rural environment shall control, balance urban and rural environment management; Do a good job border cross-border monitoring and emergency, etc.