Huizhou Chamber Of E-commerce Association Journal 2016 Has Been Released

Huizhou 3R Environmental Chemical Co., Ltd is one of the member of Huizhou Chamber of E-commerce Association. Association journal which established in 2016 has been released.


Huizhou Chamber of E-commerce Association with the assistance of Ali Baba was established in 2012.It is a regional, comprehensive, non-profit community groups Huizhou region composed of members of the operators voluntarily. In August 2014, It officially registered in the social organization of the Authority. It is composed of the Huizhou region to import and export trade and cross-border electricity supplier as a platform for export-oriented SMEs, spontaneous composition of foreign trade and e-commerce industry associations, existing more than 100 member companies, industry covering electronics, electrical appliances, plastic, metal, gifts, toys, household, lighting, mechanical and electrical industries, members of the corporate annual output value of over 5 billion.