Hebei: Comprehensively Improve 58 Heavily Polluted Rivers

Recently, the Provincial Leading Group Office of Water Pollution Prevention and Control issued a special action plan for tackling the environmental pollution of heavily polluted rivers in Hebei Province, and proposed 58 heavy polluted rivers (sections) with the current river water quality worse than GradeⅤ as remediation targets, Governance, use of 5 years, the province's major water pollutant emissions decreased significantly polluted water significantly reduced black odor river basically eliminated, the province's heavily polluted river water quality has been basically improved. By 2020, the proportion of Grade I and Grade V water bodies will be reduced by 21 percentage points or more, and the Grade V water bodies will be basically eliminated in the rivers entering into the sea, and other major tributaries will basically resume their functions.

To ensure that the above targets are met as scheduled, the program identified the initial results in the first year, significantly improved in three years, five years of basic targets of the phased targets, and identified nine key tasks: to strengthen the sewage outfall optimization control, water pollutants Discharge of water beyond the function area limits the total amount of sewage in the area, restrictions on the approval of new water intake and into the river outfall, by the end of 2017, blocking all illegally set into the river outfall. Strict control of industrial pollution emissions, the end of 2016 to ban all industrial policies do not meet the state's small paper, leather, printing and dyeing, dyes, coking, refining arsenic, sulfur refining, electroplating, pesticides and other serious pollution of water production projects, The ten key industries such as papermaking, coking, nitrogenous fertilizer, nonferrous metals, printing and dyeing, agricultural and sideline food processing, raw material medicine manufacturing, tanning, pesticide and electroplating are to be discharged. The newly built top ten key industries and other heavily polluted industrial projects must enter the park . Urban sewage pollution control system, improve the urban sewage pipe network system, the new city will be the implementation of rain and sewage diversion, the old city gradually complete the rain sewage diversion transformation, by the end of 2017 the province's 40% of key towns with sewage treatment capacity, 2019 all key towns with Sewage treatment capacity. Governance of agricultural pollution in rural areas, before the end of 2017, the elimination of riverside rural sewage, garbage into the river chaos straight to strengthen the livestock and poultry pollution control. Comprehensive regulation of siltation channels, without affecting the flood, under the premise of the river, river banks on the cultivation of aquatic and terrestrial plants, restoration of river ecosystems, improve water purification capacity, the establishment of river siltation monitoring and long-term mechanism of siltation. The construction of rivers and lakes wetlands, rivers affected by the import water quality impact of the lake, river and sensitive areas, the implementation of a number of wetland purification projects, cut into the river pollutants. Improve the capacity of ecological base flow, start the implementation of a number of water resources protection of water projects, build efficient use of water resources to ensure a reliable allocation of optimal system, by 2020, the province's river cut-off situation has been initially improved. Improve the environmental monitoring and early warning capabilities, by the end of 2017, with the construction conditions of the provinces and rivers cross-section, cross-city (including Dingzhou, Xinji City) river cross-section of the river control section of water quality automatic control station, real-time monitoring of water quality. And comprehensively promote the river system, the establishment of the river into the sewage outfall, river sections, focusing on monitoring cross-section coverage of the province, city, county, town, village five "river (section) long system" management system.

The program proposed to fight for the "13th Five-Year" at the end of the province's rivers water environment quality improved significantly, the basic form of the river "water clear, smooth, shore green" water ecology of the new pattern.

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