Chemical Plant Buried Poison Million Tons, Compensated 190 Million Yuan

Recently, a chemical plant by the transformation of pig farms actually buried thousands of tons of toxic chemical waste, the pollution incident by the pig farmers real name reported exposure caused strong concern, the highest seizure, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Public Security for the first time Jointly supervise the handling of the case.

22, the Provincial Procuratorate announced the latest progress of the case:

Taizhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the Procuratorate to pollution of the environment against Zhou Ruxiang and other three defendants to prosecute. Prosecution through the conduct of public interest survey, the company involved in signing 190 million yuan environmental restoration agreement, has now reached 120 million yuan.

Last year in February, Yunnan businessman Zhou bought in the town of Jingjiang City, Ma Village Hou Village, Huashun pig farm is preparing to transform, but in the pit pit dug a large number of toxic hazardous waste.

Last year in July, Zhou one after another to the environmental protection, public security departments and the media real-name reports, revealing a secret for several years buried. It turned out that the predecessor of the pig farm is Jingjiang Houhe petrochemical plant, and 10,000 tons of hazardous waste and has died chemical factory original legal representative Tang Manhua has a direct relationship.

According to the prosecution allegations, in October 2003, the defendant, Yangzhou Evergreen Corporation Deputy General Manager Zhou Ruxiang and Tang Man-hua signed an agreement, the former production of imidacloprid residues generated subsidies to Houhe chemical plant refining treatment, more than 8 years time transfer risk Waste up to 10,000 tons. Tang Manhua will not be sold or blending of hazardous waste residue, solid hazardous waste to be buried in the chemical plant.

The defendant, the former Houhe chemical plant escort high Su Qing, repeatedly escorted the waste, and is responsible for filling out the hazardous waste transfer single, participation and Evergreen company checkout and so on. The defendant, the Evergreen company sewage treatment pond and incinerator direct management of the high winter book, knowing that the Houhe chemical plant does not deal with sludge residue qualification, according to Zhou Ruxiang arrangements, respectively, two batches of more than 30 tons of sludge by Houhe chemical plant Illegal disposal.

However,Huizhou 3R Environmental Chemical Co., Ltd never buried Poison, it changes waste to treasure, convert hazard to profilt and it is the largest factory of ferric chloride who makes ferric chloride liquid, ferric chloride hexahydrate and ferric chloride anhydrous.