57 Chemical Substances Were Intended To Be Restricted By The US Environmental Protection Agency

Recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency issued a direct and ultimate major chemical end-use of the rules. 57 designated chemical substances to impose import restrictions. These substances are required to be officially notified before production.Fortunately,ferric chloride is not in the list. Huizhou 3R Environmental Chemical Co., Ltd has export ferric chloride to America.Welcome to get the latest price of ferric chloride solution, ferric chloride hexahydrate and ferric chloride anhydrous from HZ3R.

Any person who manufactures (including imports) or processes these chemicals must inform the Environmental Protection Agency at least 90 days before commencing the activity if the activity is a significant new use within the meaning of the rule. This rule will take effect on January 17th. The industry may file an objection or criticism in writing by December 19 or inform the Council that it intends to make such an opinion.

Importers must demonstrate that these imported chemicals comply with all applicable rules and orders of the Toxic Substances Control Act, including important new use requirements. In addition, any person who exports or intends to export any of these substances on or after 19 December shall comply with the export notification requirements of Title 15, Section 2611 (b) of the United States Code, and pursuant to United States Code 40 Section 707, paragraph D of the export notification requirements.

The United States is China's major export markets for chemical products, Zhangzhou inspection and quarantine departments to remind export enterprises, the implementation of the new rules, companies need to notify the United States at least 90 days before the local Environmental Protection Agency. At the same time, to improve the product quality management system for the provisions involved in the 57 kinds of chemical substances, enterprises must strengthen the risk control and improve production equipment and processing technology.

In addition, to do the pre-export quality control, commissioned by qualified testing organizations to detect, to ensure product compliance, effective prevention of follow-up risks.